Left behind or How corporations kill startups

Hi Braintree,

It sure is a weekend. It is probably nice and cozy for most of you over there in Chicago, enjoying a ball game, visiting friends and family, grilling that steak, feeling good about yourself. Few of you who do read these work emails over the weekend may just for a moment feel bad about not doing your job, or not doing enough at your job. Perhaps our story will inspire you to care more, to give your best shot, just like you were taught, just like we were taught, because doing enough is never enough.

It is an entirely different story here in Belgrade, a city connected to yours via brotherly bonds. Take a look at our app (attached), our streets are empty, there are no drivers, no cars, just our passengers, stranded somewhere desperately loving, tapping and hating our app CarGo. We are no longer able to provide them with the service they love, because we ran out of “time”. The credit that cannot ever be bought, yet always measured.

Your country coined (pun intended) the phrase Time is money, yet your Sorry As A Service department of incapables never seemed to have received this memo. After two months of humiliating process of wire transfer, your unsuccessful operation of delivering a simple transaction has ran our business to the ground! We cried for help multiple times, were assured half a dozen times that our money is safe, however no one, and I mean no one has been able to provide us with a simple answer, why we did not receive the money after all this time? I am sure you all could have done more, only if you cared more. Instead, you left us behind. Passing the responsibility to your banking partner is rather an easier thing to do, because I am sure that somewhere in the small font of your online sign up form it says you are just a funnel that let’s transactions run through. But CarGo is your client, if we wanted to work with an Irish bank we would go straight to them, no we found you and chose you Braintree, because of quality and assurance that your service is the world standard, unmatched. You proved us wrong.

First, you misplaced our funds and thought nothing of it, no regrets and no refunds. Then, you showed us what the definition of indifference means when it was time to disburse our funds. After almost two months of holding our cash, there is still no clarity on when we will receive it. In the meantime, back here there are fifty of us left stranded. You pulled the rope from above, the ladder and the rug from underneath us and left us behind, knowing that we are dependent on you doing your job. Is this how you make America great again? Is this something American worker can be proud of? You may ask yourself if a soldier is responsible for victims or is it the government who sent them, who’s fault is it? I say it does not even matter at that point…At least not to the victim, or to prisoner of war who was left behind. It is the end, for both. No ifs, no buts, just kaput! This is how we feel now, as you put us out of our misery, not looking back, having no regrets. Your fellow soldiers know it, we know it and we hope that you feel it. Take a moment and look back and tribute the casualties, as I am sure there are more of us you left behind.

We all know how tough it is to make it in the competitive entrepreneur’s dog eat dog fight. We did not ask for favors, we did not ask for special treatment, just fair and honest business where each side makes profit. We gave our blood, sweat and tears to get here, drove thousands of kilometers, completed thousands of rides, to achieve the impossible, against all odds, in spite all the naysayers, but…in the end we died from friendly fire, how unfair is this faith?

Braintree, you should know how we feel, as just a few years ago you probably felt the same, thinking you can take on the world and change it for the better! Except, this mission is never ending, it is not an accomplishment you can fulfil and rest, it is a never ending process.
Greatness is a destination with no stops, a continuous path made of brick shaped success. Just like you, we want to be on that path, make it, so help us help you get back on it and remember this: Never leave a startup behind! We are worth a fight, you owe us a second round (and some cash)!
This Sunday is not a fun day, but we are looking forward to the next.

Take care,

Vuk Guberinic, Car:Go Founder

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