Belgrade, Serbia


Belgrade was one of the more competitive cities in IT business. A different and modern organization of passenger transport was necessary. In order to satisfy the needs of the citizens of Belgrade, we created CarGo application.

The CarGo application was founded in 2015 in Belgrade with the aim to make a revolution in the organization of passenger transportation – ordering a vehicle with a click, online payment, price elasticity and favorable service.

Over the past three years CarGo perfected its technology to end users, enabled them to quickly and easily realize city driving.

CarGo is a mobile application for ordering driving in the most modern way. Application connects traveler with a driver in real time and provides a more streamlined payment method for mobile telephone for transport services. Payment can be made in several ways – by registering a card - Visa, Mastercard or Dinacard. There is also company orders, which brings additional benefits to companies that contract with us.

CarGo service is charged according to a pre-determined price list that includes the start price, minutes (spent on driving) and crossed kilometers.

Company CarGo believes that only innovation can change the market. Each day we are doing our best to provide our users the best service, modern and efficient mode of transport.