Car:Go cheaper than taxi

There has been controversy over Uber’s arrival in Serbia for quite some timenow:  citizens want cheaper ride but
taxi associations are, to say the least, against it CarGo is our service that, like Uber, does not cooperate with taxi
drivers but it has its own drivers and the ride is 30% cheaper than taxi.

And how does Car:Go system actually run? Everything is done very easily, through the applications you download
on your Android or iOS platform. Ordering vehicle, tracking your ride and payment are all done over the Internet,
so there is no need for cash nor change. While creating your account, you should choose one of the payment methods: payment cards (Visa, Master, Maestro), PayPal, mts credit or Telenor Bank. The payments over postpaid numbers are made as soon as you select this option, whereas the payments through Telenor are made within 3 hours.

You choose the starting point on the map itself, as well as your destination. Before you order a car, you are given the possibility to select the option Fare Estimate and check the estimated time and the approximate price of the ride.
Once your ride is over, the payment is automatically made through the payment method you have selected and the email is sent to your address as the confirmation of the payment. And now we get to the most important characteristic of the CarGo system: a cheaper ride.