Is the traffic in Belgrade driving you crazy? Car:Go application is the solution!

CarGo is a Serbian startup that was founded in 2015, whose mission is to facilitate it
day-to-day urban transport and enabling the ordering and payment of driving via
applications. Worldwide are popular ridesharing services that simplify urban transportation by doing so offer users a fully digitized service. Uber is the most famous such service, but there are many other regional and local services that make urban users easier for their users transport. A DIDA taxi application is known, through which over 10 million orders are ordered in China driving daily. It is similar to the Yandex taxi application used in Russia, Belarus and Azerbaijan. Serbia does not lag behind the advanced economies of the world, and the inhabitants Belgrade has the opportunity to use the CarGo application.
The benefits offered by the CarGo application are the ability to call per click, online payment, price stability and service convenience. “There is a strong demand for fast and efficient services in Belgrade Simplify human actions. We all live in an accelerated environment and want to be ours the means of transport goes a step ahead of us, not slowing us down. Car: We were developing having in mind exactly those needs and people who are efficient in organizing time priority “, says Vuk Guberinić, founder of Car: Go Applications. After two years of business, CarGo recently expanded its business to Zagreb, and the plan is to expand the service to several other cities by the end of the year.