What really excites us the most are the emails and messages sent by our users.  In 30% of cases these are application interference notifications, but other 70% are questions and messages with various content. At the end of the day, we know we are doing the right thing if our efforts make the user arrive where they want.

In the past, these were the most common questions in our inbox, so we wrote short answers to them. If you have some other questions write us via email s[email protected]

CarGo is an application through which you can order a service from point A to point B, where payment is made with a credit card - VISA, Mastercard and Dinacard.

Once you install the application, register an account and specify a payment method, you  can order a service. When you arrive at the destination, the system automatically calculates the price and removes funds from the account. Your bill will arrive in an email.

The price is set according to the pre-defined price list.

Mini Class:

61 RSD for App Fee, 59 RSD per kilometer, 6 RSD per minute. Minimum Fare is 289 RSD.

Eco Class: 

69 RSD for App Fee, 69 RSD per kilometer, 8 RSD per minute. Minimum Fare is 338 RSD.

Before ordering a ride, you have an option to check the recommended price of the ride to your destination through "Price Estimate" option. This is approximate recommended price for the set distance. 

Credit Card - Visa and Mastercard or Dinacard

Just let us know if you would like to book a ride (date, the exact time and how many passengers). Send a request to email: [email protected]

During the promo period, you need to enter the promo code before ordering the service in the indicated part of the application. First choose your preferred Payment method, then click the Promo Code button in the bottom right corner and enter you code.

To use the application, you need to turn on GPS and locate yourself on the map. Currently CarGo operates in the territory of Belgrade, Serbia, and Zurich, Switzerland.

To add a payment method, your location pin needs to be located in a city where the CarGo service is available. Therefore, before adding the payment method, make sure your location within the application is set to either Belgrade, Vienna or Zurich.