Vienna - austria

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We know that an old city with a young soul always needs more solutions to transportation issues. That’s why Serbian brand CarGo arrived at Vienna! From April 10th 2019 citizens of the largest city in Austria can order a ride through the CarGo application. Passenger transport is carried out by professional and licensed drivers in hybrid vehicles. CarGo tends to make your city a better, simpler and healthier place to live. That is why we choose Vienna – a first ranked city in the world that offers the best quality of life. CarGo is a mobile application for ordering driving. Application connects traveler with a driver in a real time. Citizens of Vienna will be able to use the CarGo application according to a pre-determined price list:  the minimum amount of driving is 3 €, start is 1 €, a kilometer 0,55 €, minutes of driving will be charged with 0,25 €, while there is no cancellation fee. CarGo provides you two payment methods: by cash or by registering a card. 

Enjoy your ride!