how car:go works?

 1. REQUEST a service

Choose your preferred payment method, set Pickup Location, select vehicle type and Request a Service!

2. service

Watch your service provider arrive on  the map. Once you've reached your final destination, just leave the car and that's it. The service is charged automatically and the bill is sent simultaneously to your email address.

3. PAY AND RATE service

Has everything gone well? Rate the service within the app, and share your impressions with us on Facebook

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Select your route and final destination. You will be able to see picture of your service provider, picture of his car and car plates. Follow the arrival of your vehicle on the map and be ready on time.


Control all the expenses, get rid of all the coupons, receipts, deposits and refunds.

Let your employees feel the comfort of modern corporate transport.

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service providers

Set your own work hours and earn as much as you need. It is easy to earn money when you help people get to their destination. Partner with us, this is a great opportunity to earn, meet new people and learn about new technology. Receive a paycheck once per week, keep an insight to account details, traveled distance and ride revenue.

we love pets!

We know our passengers love their pets some times more than life it self. 

Here at CarGo we know and appreciate this sentiment which is why we have opened our hearts and doors to all our furry friends. 

Use our service in MINI class and get your puppy with no additional cost!

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