CarGo classes
The mini class was created with the goal to simply connect all members of the CarGo Citizens’ Association. This class is pet friendly.
In order to offer our members a service that does not pollute the environment, we have developed the Eco class. This class has child seats so that even our youngest users are completely safe.
We are all witnesses of increased air pollution in Serbia and Belgrade. As a socially responsible company, we have decided to expand our fleet with hybrid and electric cars. Among them are the electric Jaguars I-PACE, model which won the European Car of the Year award in March 2019.
CarGo Citizens’ Association
Founded in 2019, in order to connect all users of the CarGo application and provide support to humanitarian activities, cultural content, projects for the development of smart transport in smart cities and projects that contribute to environmental protection.
CarGo Humanitarian Foundation
It was created with the goal of providing assistance to children and adults in treatment, medical care and their recovery in the country and abroad.